MAC Consultancy 1998-2023

25 years Success Story

Project-Based Hiring and Recruitment Process Outsourcing through an integrated suite of leadership services. With our 25 years of Experience in Recruitment dedicated to high-profile clientele in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al-Hada Hospital, Ministry of Defense, Taif, AL Zamil Heavy Industries, Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Boilers, Saudi Aramco, Budget Rent A Car, Kingdom Largest Fleet with 30 000+ with 800 outlets in Kingdom, Obeikan Float Glass, Yanbu, Hail Cement Company – Hail, Balubaid Group of Companies, GMC General Motors, Manufacturing, Battery Plant, Plastic Factor, Ruby Tuesday, American Fine Dine.

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Leadership is all about Managing People

The one essential, indispensable factor in a company is being able to create the right customer experience that is so necessary for its continued survival is its people.

A company will have among its employees, planners, enablers, and doers. But it doesn’t pay to forget that all of them are people and that their roles can be compartmentalized in a rigid fashion. A leader’s first concern should be to formulate the vision for his organization.

The Vision must be an operating system for the company, providing a road map for the future and enabling the employees to benchmark themselves against the best

in their class in the world. It also follows from this that the leader must build a first-class team that is not only able to relate to his vision but exhibits an enthusiasm to live up to the highest quality benchmarks.

If he is to truly energise his organization, a leader must select team members who are self-driven and can meet and exceed the performance targets laid down by the organization. Another critical factor on which a leader’s success hinges is his ability to stimulate a thinking environment within the organization.

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Human Resources and Management

Welcome to MAC Recruitment Services

MAC Consultancy has established itself since 1998, 22 years on going success history, Mark of Success, as a renowned... read more

Ruby Tuesday

MAC clientele in Hospitality Industry

Since  MAC  was  Single handed recruiter  since  commissioning in Jeddah  Anddalus Branch Jeddah KSA.  Other  Fine Dines & Casual Dinning  Bab Al Yeman, The Pan Cake House, The... read more

David Atkins Enterprises

MAC Official Recruiters for David Atkins

MAC Official Recruiters for DOHA ASIAN GAMES 2006, Doha Qatar.  David Atkins Enterprises (DAE) is a leading global live... read more